Pre-Planning made Simple

What are the Benefits of Pre-Arrangement with Country Meadows?


Plan Together Not Alone

Did you know that 67% of cemetery purchases made at the time of death are made by the Widow? Is it fair? Why should so many Widows be compelled to make that choice alone? Husbands and wives can plan out their decisions together, therefore saving their loved ones heartache, expense and inconvenience at the time of death.



On a pre-arrangement basis, a Family Burial Estate can be selected by all Family Members, thus guaranteeing everyone's satisfaction.


Price Freezing

Based on the last five decades, we know that cemetery and funeral arrangements will continue to increase. Pre—Arrangement allows your choices to be frozen at today's prices.


Conserves Insurance

Life Insurance is for the living, not the deceased. Most life insurance is purchased to allow a family time to adjust to the loss of income that a death causes. If Pre—Arrangements are not made, a large amount of insurance proceeds can be spent on cemetery and funeral items adding financial burdens to loved ones left behind.



Funeral and memorial costs are expenses every individual must plan to pay. Payment at the time of death is traditionally made on a cash basis.


Peace of Mind

When a death occurs in any family or among friends, the grief is tremendous and the healing time very long. Pre—Arrangement will have a positive impact on your family and friends simply because you have made your own decision. This peace of mind provides benefits far beyond the dollars spent.


What are the things I need in a cemetery arrangement?

You need space, plot or niche or crypt; opening/closing services; a grave liner (if you choose a casket arrangement) and a marker/ monument of some sort.


"Plan together, not alone."


For peace of mind call today to arrange your no obligation information meeting. Grief and Bereavement Counseling is available by appointment with our professional staff.